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Let me share some of my digital art with you. For me, painting is a passion, and digital painting is a new and exciting medium. I pour my heart into my work because I love what I do! You'll notice that many of my page kits are filled with natural things, things you might see on a walk through the woods or a quiet meadow. Leaves, twigs, feathers, flowers, mushrooms, birds, and butterflies, all find their way into my page kits! I hope my artwork can inspire you to create beautiful and unique layouts!

You can find my designs at DigitalScrapbookPlace.com along with many other beautiful products, created by the team of talented designers I work with!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From October 20 - 23, join DSP's Pink Scraps of Hope in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness!

Crop with DSP and donate to the cause which supports the Susan G Komen Foundation Education and Research for Breast Cancer.
Join DSP for challenges and support throughout the week, then spend your Saturday with Team Digital in the chat room!
Your $20 donation will entitle you to a full day of fun and activities via a private chat at DSP on Saturday the 23rd- including chat freebies, a store sale of 30% off select downloadable items, and chat attendees will also receive a 50% off coupon for a downloadable CD of your choice.

And, the full amount will be donated to this great cause with DSP paying all processing fees!

Find out more about this fabulous event HERE!

BCA reminder card

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Featured Kit – Glorious Autumn Sunflower October 19 – November 1st

I love Autumn, and here's a pair of page kits that are perfect for scrapping the season that is near and dear to my heart! I wanted to do somthing that had a little different color palette than the usual fall oranges and reds, and I have to say that I LOVE the way these turned out! The blue and purple flowers really add a punch of color to these beautiful kits!
Glorious Autumn Sunflower features lovely soft golds and greens with summer sky blue and the vivid blue of the caryopteris flower. I love the versatility of the matching frames, and this kit is generic enough to be used for just about anything!

86_K_GloriousAutumnSunflower 86_K_GloriousAutumnAster

Glorious Autumn Aster has deep tones of rust, ivy green and aubergine, and the golden woods background and natural elements are perfect for scrapping those sunny autumn days!

Find out how you can get Glorious Autumn Aster for free now through November 1st by participating in my Share The Luv Challenge!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick Click Chat October 18, 8pm (DSP time)

Woo hoo! It’s time for another Quick Click Inspiration Chat! our theme this week will be:

"Something About Me That I Have Passed On To The Next Generation"

Woo, that's a mouthful isn't it? I thought this would be an interesting thing to include in my "ME" book. I know that there are lots of traits of mine that I see in my daughter. Her quirky sleep habits, fondness for cats, artistic ability, and floppy earlobes all come from me! So what did your family inherit from you? Sports ability? A sense of humor? Passion for cooking? Who knows, maybe some day one of your great grandkids will look through your book and say, "Aha! So THAT'S where I got my passion for shrimp fried rice!" (just kidding) :)

At the chat tonight, I’ll be giving away my brand new Quick Click template “Beside The Bracket” to use for your layout. And remember, the inspiration is just a suggestion to get you started, you can choose any topic you like for your page. And when you’ve finished, don’t forget to post your layout in the Quick Click Gallery so we can all oooh and aaah over your layout!


PS - For those of you who aren’t able to attend the chat tonight, but would still like to play along, you can find this Quick Click HERE in the DSP store, along with many other beautiful products!

I hope to see YOU there!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Featured Kit Haunted House – Attic And Parlour October 5 - 18

Haunted House Challenge October 5 - October 18
I know it's a little early, but I just couldn't wait to get these two fun page kits in the store! The Haunted House kits each come with two "rooms" and two coordinating background papers, and a set of elements to decorate your haunted house with. I have to tell you that I've had sooooooo much fun making layout with these two kits. The papers and elements in both sets are totally interchangeable, and If you like fantasy style layouts, you're going to love these!!!

Featured Kit
Haunted House - Attic And Parlour

Haunted House - Attic and Parlour comes with a creepy wood attic room, and a striped wallpaper parlour room with dark baseboard molding and blood red carpet. The element set includes a broken window, picture frame, old trunk, battered hat, fireplace, swagged fabric border, raven, and cobweb. The background papers are stained ivory and dark red.

Posting Bonus
Haunted House - Ballroom And Dungeon

haunted House - Ballroom And Dungeon comes with a paneled wood ballroom with checkered tile floor, and a slightly rounded stone walled dungeon (or tower) room. The element set includes a candelabra, skull with glowing eyes, round table, crystal ball, jack o'lantern, vampire bat, creepy mist, and dungeon door. The background papers are dark rust and nearly black.

To get Haunted House - Ballroom And Dungeon for free, here's what you need to do:

1. Post a layout in the Share The Luv Gallery using Haunted House - Attic And Parlour before midnight, October 18.
2. Put a link to your layout here in this thread so I can send you your posting bonus.
It's that easy!

For more Halloween fun, check out my Ghoulies and Ghosties, and Long Leggedy Beasties page kits, also available as a Value Collection.

Happy Haunting!