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Let me share some of my digital art with you. For me, painting is a passion, and digital painting is a new and exciting medium. I pour my heart into my work because I love what I do! You'll notice that many of my page kits are filled with natural things, things you might see on a walk through the woods or a quiet meadow. Leaves, twigs, feathers, flowers, mushrooms, birds, and butterflies, all find their way into my page kits! I hope my artwork can inspire you to create beautiful and unique layouts!

You can find my designs at DigitalScrapbookPlace.com along with many other beautiful products, created by the team of talented designers I work with!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

There’s Still Time!

Share The Luv Challenge - March 22 - April 4

Featured Kit - Dreamy Spring Sparrow
I love the jaunty little sparrow and the delicate flower and leaves in Dreamy Spring Sparrow, and the soft textured backgrounds are perfect for layering and blending. The tree stamp can be used as is, or try using different blending modes on it to create even more effects!

Posting Bonus - Dreamy Spring Bumblebee
The backgrounds in Dreamy Spring Bumblebee are soft golds and greens, with just a hint of mauve. They make a perfect backdrop for the pale purple spring flowers. I love the fat little bumblebee, and the hexagon shape of the chicken wire which reminds me of honeycomb!

Find out how you can get Dreamy Spring Bumblebee for free HERE!